5 Best Ad Networks For New Bloggers (with Fast Approval)

Did you started a new blog and looking for a ads network? and you do not have a high traffic?here is a list of best ad networks.

you are at a right place today I will tell you about a ads networks which will approve your site instantly.

Today you will learn about a 5 advertising network which is totally user-friendly and you will get approved just after submitting your forms I will describe this ad networks as an alternative of google Adsense.

I will mention the best alternatives of google Adsense. As we know it’s hard to get approve in google Adsense.you need to post at least 30 posts.

sometimes google Adsense demand 6 months old domain. but what if you use other ads network for 6 months.

Below mentioned ads networks are totally trusty and legit ads network.you do not have to hurry that they will scam you and will not give any revenue of yours.they are 100% legit. list of best ad networks

5 Ad Networks for Small Publishers for Fast Approval:


POPADS have no any minimum traffic threshold. pop ads is a premium ads network.In popup, ads you just need to signup and fill all the withdrawal form. pop ads accept all types of blog and porn contents.There is no any traffic threshold as well you will  get paid after you reach their minimum threshold.company was started in 2010 and till now they are doing well.

why should you join?

1.no minimum traffic threshold

2.high CPM rate than other ads network

3.minimum payout 5$

4.automatic withdrawal

Payment with PayPal, Payoneer


Back to the past, Chitika was one of the best alternatives of google Adsense. With a time many other ads network replace the place of Chitika because of technology but this ads network remain constant but it is still popular among new bloggers because of those features-

1.no traffic threshold

2.minimum payout 10$ (PayPal)

3.easy to use

I only suggest you use this ads network if your sites get organic or search traffic, do not use this ad network if your traffic is from social media because Chitika shows ads only on organic traffic.



propellerads is a good option for beginners.It is a CPC based ads network.if I talk straight it is a good option with easy interface ads network.you does not need to do any hard work to get approved.you just need to sign up and do follow steps.

1.create an ad

2.place it in your blog/site

3.1000 views equal to 1$ to 4$

4.minimum payout 100$

They pay using Payoneer, WebMoney and other.



Revenuehits is totally different ads network.most surprising thing is that it doesnot pay you for cpc and impression.It pay after ads is converted into action.Advertiser publish ads to get information like email, phone number or other information.

Revenuehits pay you 10 to 50$ for complete action.

minimum payout is 50$ with paypal,payoneer, and bank transfer.and put in your mind that it doesnot pay for cpc and impression it only pays after you complete action.


Infolinks is popular for newer blogger.simple interface with a different kind of ads.it is most popular ads network if we compare with others and it is most trusty sites.there are different types of ads with text, banners etc.

minimum payout 50$

it is trust worthy ads network and it pays through paypal and wire transfer.


so those are best ad networks I will fell happy if you comment down some others ad networks you have in your mind and don’t forget to subscribe newsletter.


My name is Sujal Nagarkoti.i like blogging and share ideas with different people .i like exploring new ideas especially related with phone issues.

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