Blue Whale Games – Killer Whale Games Mastermind Arrested in Russia

A new topic  “killer whale games” or “blue whale games” is trending now in this world.In this article, you will know a brief information about this topic in details.

Blue whale games?

What is blue whale games is a question that you are seeking answer right!In short blue whale games is an internet game from Russia that is claimed to exist in several countries.The term or name blue whale have come from the phenomenon of beached whales which is directly linked to suicide.

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How killer blue whales game works?

Blue Whale began in Russia in 2013 with “F57”, one of the names of the so-called “death group”.Blue whales consist of series of the task given by administrator during a 50 period of days and the last task requires to commit suicide in order to complete the task.

Below is some task that is said to be given by the administrator of blue whale games to the player.

Example of the task in blue whale games:

1.drawing whales in your hand with a blade.

2.wake up at 4:00 am

3.listening creepy songs

4.watching horror movies

At first it seems to be easy and interesting but at last, the result comes with committing  is a game admin plays with our psychological factor.

Incident of Killer blue whale games:

There are many incidents related with this game.Only in Russia more than 200 teenagers committed suicide due to this game.In these days it is getting more popular and the victims are also increasing.

How to get blue whale games?

Blue whale games target a teenagers all around the cannot get this game directly from your app store or play store.according to sources agents of this games provide this game from facebook groups and different forums.They choose teenagers who are in a problem with a psychological factor like got break up, depressed from a job, failed etc.

mastermind got arrested:

Today (August 30 2017) mastermind behind the dead game blue whale had been arrested in  Russia and Moscow.A girl aged 17  Russian police haven’t revealed the name yet has been is said that she is a mastermind behind this and man (name not revealed) also arrested in Moscow for involving in blue whale game.

according to mirror Russian girl used to give threat to the victim if he/she do not obey her order, she will kill his/her family.Russian police said that there are also other members who are controlling this game and they also added that more investigation will be done on this topic.

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