How To make My Android phone faster?

           make Android phone faster :

Android, one of the most loved & popular os of present era has evolved a lot and can now perform such tasks that are really a big deal for a phone. However the more apps we use, the more the Android system gets slow and sometimes even how can i make Android phone faster?

We need a real working solution that can really boost our phones performance rather than making it slower, usually what those fancy booster apps do.

Since android performance boosters can really do a lot with the use of root permission, I have written both solutions separately.

                STEPS FOR  No-Root PHONES to make android phone faster

Don’t want to give up the warranty, feared of bricking your device or whatever. You don’t need to take the risk, you can boost performance of your unrooted Android phone with these amazing solutions-

  1. Greenify – One of the best apps to speed up your slow device. Works brilliantly even on less powerful devices.
  2. Remove Unnecessary Apps – Removing rarely used apps which are running in the background and eating your internal storage can really help you a lot.
  3. Update Your Phone – Updating your phone brings performance enhancements and removes previous bugs.
  4. Using a high-speed memory card – A high-speed memory card can speed up file management and app loading.
  5. Avoid live-wallpapers and delete unnecessary widgets.
  6. Factory-Reset – Last but not the least, a factory-reset can really help your Android a lot. However, it will remove all of your data in most cases so don’t forget to make a backup. those are tips to make Android phone faster.

          steps for root phones

Here comes the real deal, after all, you have the guts. For rooted smartphones, there are a lot of tweaks which makes their experience really smooth. Note that these are some advanced methods, so always make an android backup of your phone if you ever got stuck.

  1. Uninstall Bloatware – Let’s start with the least, rooted smartphones gives you the ability to uninstall those useless pre-installed apps.
  2. Overclock your CPU – This is the actual performance boost, in your rooted phone you can overclock your CPU to get more power and hence better performance.
  3. Install a Custom ROM – Phone manufacturers take a lot of time to bring you the latest Android update( unless you have the latest Nexus or something). But with Custom ROMs you can get the latest Android update for your phone which surely brings many performance enhancements.
  4. Increase your RAM – Sounds Crazy? But it is really possible to increase ram of your smartphone with apps like Roehsoft Ram Expander.
  5. L-Speed and Greenify – Greenify even makes it here with special tweaks for rooted smartphones and L-Speed which also makes your phone really faster.

If this does not work here is another tips to make android phone faster

By reducing the number of apps running simultaneously.

This may happen in two ways:

  1. by uninstalling or disabling apps
  2. by “unregistering” apps from some of all events when in background

Apps that “kill” other apps, don’t work, on the contrary, make it worse.

In case you want to disable or uninstall system apps you may want to gain admin access to your phone (root it). Same goes for “unregistering” apps from some event

  1. Disabling/Uninstalling apps you don’t use
  2. Clear cache memory regularly (Settings>Storage>Cached Data)
  3. Keep your home screen clean
  4. Removing large files or old photos from your device
  5. Uninstalling Anti Virus – Install apps from Google Play Store only

All of the above requires you to let go of data and by far those are the best things to can make the android phone faster.



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