How To Change Youtube Url – Change youtube Default url to custom url

Changing youtube URL is not a hard task but you are here because you want help in “how to change youtube URL “right! when You start a youtube channel youtube provide you a unique URL.That URL helps your audience to reach your channel.But URL is like a random mix of numbers and Text which is absolutely not easy to remember.To overcome this problem youtube has given a solution that users can easily change youtube URL of their channel.And can put URL as their wish.

Before changing url lets clear your doubt you may have in your mind.

What does Change youtube Url Mean?

Changing youtube URL does not allow you to change main domain URL like you cannot change but you can change the part of URL after….. When you first made a channel youtube will give you a random URL like is URL given by youtube. when you meet a certain requirement you can change URL after to anything as your wish.

Why should I change youtube URL?

The random URL given on youtube is too long and complex.Your subscriber couldn’t remember.But when you change your youtube URL there are many advantages like you can share anywhere easily.For example, if I have to share an original random URL I need to copy all URL from youtube but with a custom URL, you do not need to copy all url you can just type you will be redirected to the youtube channel.

What if I need to change URL more than once?

if you decided to change youtube url more than one time then you need to follow some steps.

Go to

At bottom-right, you will see a help button click on that.

A new pop up box will open there click on send feedback.

Now at sending feedback type a request you want to change youtube URL.

Demo request”Dear youtube, I have changed the youtube URL before but now I decide to change my URL again because my subscribers are feeling difficult with this username “your username”.I am kindly requesting you to change my custom youtube URL to “your username”. thank you”

Now you can also include your channel screenshot there and finally send it to youtube.

After 2 days you will get a response from youtube and after response, you can easily change your youtube URL.If you are feeling problem the check out below image you will understand it.

If this is your first time you can use below method.

There are some general eligibility requirements in order to change your youtube URL of default to custom url.

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Requirements to change youtube Url

1.You must have more than 100 subscribers

2.Your channel must be 30 days old.

3.must have uploaded channel icon and channel art.

if you have fulfilled this requirement you can easily change your youtube URL to custom URL.Keep in mind you can only change your youtube url 3 time a year.

How to change youtube url?

1.sign into youtube. clicking your icon in the top right >setting

change youtube url

3.Click advance under your account name.

change youtube channel url

4.Under channel setting, you will see a link if you are eligible for custom a link.

From there you can easily change your default URL to custom URL.After changing youtube URL read terms and condition and click confirm to change.and you are done.Keep in mind after this URL is approved you cannot change your custom URL.Before changing think twice what should be good to keep custom URL for your youtube channel.

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If you have any problem with this method you can comment down in comment box I will try to help you out.

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