Facebook Virus And Facebook Virus Removal Tips – Message virus

Facebook virus :

Recently In facebook message virus is circulating rapidly.Hackers always try to find a way to get access to others account and now they found a medium from which your private information can be steal and malware from Facebook also affect your computer system.in this news article, i am covering a topic of the Facebook virus, facebook virus removal, Facebook malware message and Facebook 20 checker.

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Facebook malware message:

Users received URL shorten video link by one of their friend when user click that link it redirects them to a new website or automatically install malware software in their browser/computer.The Facebook malware message looks like the following image.Facebook virus image.

After the link is clicked the virus takes hold then the same message from your Facebook account will be sent to all of your friends on Facebook and the same cycle continues.According to some media Facebook malware virus or Facebook message virus is circulating rapidly on Facebook.it has already affected several countries.From this Facebook message virus hackers are intended to steal passwords, Gmail account, browse history and internet service provider information.

Facebook message virus:

Let you know how Facebook message virus works when the user clicks on video link he will be redirected to the website and pop up window will open.That pop-up window will automatically download extension in your browser which is attacking script/tool from that hackers.There is no news those hackers are attacking banking account or any others documents but according to hacker news, they are generating revenue from ads of pop up window.

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facebook virus removal:

if you unknowingly get affected by Facebook virus then is no need to worry follow those steps to remove the virus from your Facebook account.

facebook virus removal step

1. open setting of your Facebook account.

2.now open account setting.

3.open apps and Click Edit button on Apps, Websites, and Plugins option.

4.now disable or clear all apps/website that uses facebook to login.

5.now change your facebook password.

if you are using Facebook from pc then scan your browser using your internet security software.

Facebook 20 checker advice:

To be safe from those type of malware or virus do not click a link that is unknown to you.confirm to your friend before click if they sent you link  and always keep your anti-virus software up to date.

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