How To Find Lost Phone – Track my lost android phone

I am pretty sure,  you are here because you lost your Android phone or member of your family lost it, anything can be a reason but if you are looking for an idea to find my lost phone then you are at right place! So the question comes how to track a lost phone or how to find my android phone but with my answer, you can easily Find the Android phone that is lost.

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To find the lost android phone you don’t need any apps or software.There are many claims which say you need a chip to find a lost phone or you need to install androids apps but with my ideas, you do not need chips nor apps.

Find my lost phones

Below are ideas to track a lost android phone without any chips, apps, and software.Nowadays it’s so easy to find your lost phone from your home.How? absolutely you need a good tutor to give right tips Right! Below are ideas to find your lost phones from your home.

•Go to google and Search google Device manager (open up the first result) 

•sign in to google device manager with that Gmail,  which you used to sign in on play store of your lost phone.

•Now you will see a list of phones that are connected to that Gmail

•Choose phone which you have lost.


Find my lost phone

•You can see in above picture, its Samsung galaxy grand prime in my case.

You can see three option ring, enable lock and erase.with this option you can find your lost phone.

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Ring- with this option you can ring your lost phone straight for 5 minutes even it is in silent mode.This option helps to find your lost phone if it is in silent mode.You forget where you put your phone or you friends are doing a prank with you by hiding your phone. with this option, you can find your phone by ringing tone for 5 minutes.

Enable lock– This is helpful if you lost your phone and someone found that phone.with this option, you can easily set a password and send a message to your phone if someone found that phone they can read the message and give back your phone.You can also put your phone number they can contact you.

Erase- if someone who found your phone donot want to return the phone to you but you have personal files and document on your phone which you do not want other to reach that.With this option, you can easily erase all files and documents at one click.


So I hope those ideas will help you to reach to your lost phone.Another way is you can use map and find your phone location and follow that location.If you have any ideas about how to find my lost phones topic you can share in comment box.



My name is Sujal Nagarkoti.i like blogging and share ideas with different people .i like exploring new ideas especially related with phone issues.

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