Fix Water Damaged Phone – How to fix water damaged phone ?

            How to Fix Water Damaged Phone:

Suddenly you missed your phone from hand. it dropped to water and Now you are looking for a solution ? you are at right place!Fix Water Damaged Phone

I can understand how you feel when you dropped your phone into water. for you, the world will stop for some second.many companies like Samsung had already produced a smartphone that will not damage. even it dropped into water and in case of iPhone, apple is introducing this feature soon.but you are here because you dropped your phone into water and its damage.

Now you are looking for a solution, right! After some searches on google and youtube, you may not have found a good solution for the damaged phone.but this article will help you 100%.with this article, you can get your phone back.

keep in mind that with my tips you cannot make your phone as same as the past but it will increase the probability of making your phone not damaged. and you can fix some Fix Water Damaged Phone.


mistakenly you dropped your phone in water.the first thing you must do is to take out your phone from water as soon as possible and turned it off.There is a high chance of getting your phone not damaged if you take out your phone right away from water.if you want your phone safe take it out of water even your phone dropped into toilet.keep in mind how quick you do there is a high chance of your phone to be safe.


want your phone safe than you must not do these things in order to save your phone from being damaged.

1.Do not turn your phone on because as water is a good conductor of electricity so there is a high chance of getting a short’s 100% safe to keep your phone off after you dropped the phone into water.

2.Do not try to use phone or push button it will move water to different parts of a cell phone.

3.Never try to charge your phone after it drops into the water.

4.Don’t try to shake your phone.if you shake you phone water will easily pass to deeper areas of the phone as a result high chance of getting permanent damage.

Real ways to fix water damaged phone:

#Take all part out- sim card, battery, memory card

if you know something about the phone and have some availability to understand cell phone or iPhone than taking out all things like sim card, battery, memory will be you clever decision to not to open any thing if you do not have any knowledge about parts of the phone.

#use vacuum cleaner

whats big thing you need to do if your phone dropped in water.its simple you should dry your phone.and for the dry purpose you can use vacuum cleaner or hair dryer.many people do mistake they leave the phone in sunlight to dry their phone but this is a dad of stupidity because it will provide heat to your phone which may harm your will be the best idea not to keep in sunlight to dry your smartphone dropped in water.

How to dry phone?

you will not believe but putting your phone inside rice sack will repair your phone dropped in sounds stupid but it literally works because rice will provide a moderate warmness to phone which will help your phone to dry.putting your phone for 3 days in rice sack can completely dry up your phone without harming your phone.instead of putting your phone in heat of sunlight put your phone in rice sack for 3 days in order to fix your water damaged phone. as alternatives you can use silica gel packs this will also work to dry your phone.

Fix Water Damaged Phone

as a conclusion after trying these steps i will suggest you to visit customer centers in order to be from above steps you can now make your phone safe but keep in mind in order to check if there is error or not in internal parts of your phone you need to visit repair centers near you because specialist only can tell you the internal problem.and lastly, make your phone safe and don’t forget to share this article with a friend which is in trouble or their phone has been damaged because it dropped in water.


My name is Sujal Nagarkoti.i like blogging and share ideas with different people .i like exploring new ideas especially related with phone issues.

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