make android camera webcam- use Android camera as webcam for pc?

“make android camera webcam”

Does your pc webcam quality suck?and you are looking for alternatives?today here make android camera webcam.

you are at right place!

thinking of android phone camera using the webcam is a good idea because the android phone has an HD camera on them but the problem arises when you think how to use the phone as a webcam.But article will totally help you set up phone camera as a webcam for your laptop as well pc.

follow this steps.


please keep in mind that to use this method you need to connect your pc and smartphone under the same wifi network.

1.DOWNLOAD IP WEBCAM- you can find this app in play store of any android device.go to play store and type IP web cam.

install ip webcam and need to configure some setting in order to use phone camera as a webcam.

2.CONFIGURE- here you can change settings like video quality, audio quality and much more.if you want to change you can make changes or you can left default and scroll down and select “START SERVER”

3.CONNECTING- after selecting start server you will see an option “How do I connect”

and choose to connect directly and select I am using a router.

4.Type Webadress- Now you will get an address like (

now you need to type this address in pc browser and hit enter.

5- Ready- now you can use your phone camera as a webcam.enjoy high-quality webcam.


what if you do not have a wifi connection but looking for webcam here is a solution.

1.Connect your phone and pc using USB cable. web client in you pc and choose USB and simply click start.

(make sure during this step your USB debugging in your phone is on)

Boom here you go you are using your phone camera as a webcam. in case your pc need additional driver than you can simply CLICK HERE to download that driver.

if you face any problem using this step feel free to comment down I will reply as soon as possible.




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