make pc run faster – how to speed up pc and laptops?

make pc run faster :

In this era, everything is fast and competitive.all people want fast things and like fast things.No one wants slow things with them.Like in Olympics only a 1st one who complete games fast is awarded price.In those days we all have laptop/mac with us.and everyone has faced the problem of slow processing especially in windows computer.either it is windows 10 of latest version or windows 8 ,Vista,7.every windows os have a slow process if you don’t use what is a correct ways to use your windows pc to “speed up pc And steps to  Make computer Run Faster(ways to make your computer faster)”make pc run faster

so here is a way” how to speed up pc And Make computer Run Faster(ways to make your computer faster)make pc run faster


The speed of your pc is mostly affected by the unused program.sometimes you forget to uninstall programs after your work is finished with that program. later that program will affect your pc speed.some times some programs pop up like ads without your permission.unused programs mostly effects if you have a low-cost pc with low harddisk space and less ram.if you put unnecessary unused programs in you pc then this will leads to make your file storage.the lower the storage in your pc slower your pc will be so how to uninstall unused software and make your pc run faster here is a way to make pc run faster.

1.Go to search bar and search for control panel.

2.go to control panel will see a programs  and in a blue color below the programs you will see install and uninstall programs. uninstall programs search for a unused programs simply left click on that and click on uninstall.




Every time your computer starts up a lot of programs start to process or start to work.some of them are need for pc to start up but some of them are with the clear view we can say more the programs more the time pc take to process or if we have to maximize the speed of a  pc them we must limit start up processes so how can we do that why to worry I am here to told you here is a process to make pc run faster.


2.switch to start up tab(you will see an all programs that are load when your pc start up)

3.simply right click on any program you does not want to load and change status to disable.


Most useful feature of os most of the os user does not know is clean up disk.clean up disk is most important in order to maintain the speed of your pc .clean up disk clean cache of your computer which is not useful for you.after starting up you does not need to do any thing everything is done by this feature.clean up disk not only make your pc  cache also delete unnecessary folder files and make you pc run like gives 20% boost up to your how can you use a clean up disk its very simple just follow my steps. to make pc run faster. start menu for  disk clean up

3.choose directory you want to clean and click on ok.


Ram plays vital role in order to maintain the speed of your pc.oviously more storage ram is equal to more speed processing which will make your computer run faster in order to get the highest speed you must have high storage ram.After the release of windows 10 many user face problem of slow processing they produce rumor that Windows 10 is slower but the reason is that the their ram is not sufficient to  old windows 10.many computers nowadays also have only 1 GB ram which is very low for this time because nowadays everything comes with high animation and graphics to hold high quality only 1 GB is not sufficient so you must add ram or you must buy a high storage ram.nowdays ram can be bought at very cheap cost.


The most common problem for many users is virus.virus is one of the main cause of slowness in your computer system.many experts believe that a computer should be scan with antivirus twice a week.if you surf the internet daily then you must scan your computer once a day.The main sources of the virus is internet.virus makes your computer run slow.sometimes it deletes a file or sometimes unnecessary things pop ups which make your computer slow in order to get a speed or boost up your laptop/desktop/pc your computer must be virus free.I suggest you to anti-virus like Avast or Kaspersky which you can get at 10$ to 20$ at computer shops or at Amazon too.


the most common problem people do is they neglect the message from Microsoft of please update itself suggest you update windows.but some of us neglect that which leads to slow down their pc.some windows update comes with fix in their feature.for not only speed you must update your windows to protect your pc from viruses and get some new awesome feature from Microsoft so you must keep your windows up to date in order to give boost in speed for your pc so if you do not know how to update your windows here is a step you can easily update your window. search box

2.type windows update

3.if you are update it will not snow update button if you are not then there will be an update button just click on update and enjoy new update from the window.

So guys today you learn how to make your pc run faster and different ways to do.first, you learn about how to uninstall unused programs then how to limit start up processes and much more.after those steps I have no doubts in my tips it will increase you pc speed by 90%.if you have any doubts and any confusion regarding with my simple and easy tips you can leave down comment I will try to help you out.If you have doubts about this steps you can comment down I will try to clear your confusion and doubts.


My name is Sujal Nagarkoti.i like blogging and share ideas with different people .i like exploring new ideas especially related with phone issues.

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