Sound Booster – Increase volume of youtube videos in pc ?


So you are here because you want to increase sound of youtube in your laptop! right if yes you are at a right place here you will find Sound Booster – How To Increase volume of youtube videos in pc ?Sound Booster Increase youtube videos volume.

its not that much hard to increase sound of youtube videos  in your thing you need is trick or method. and thats what you will find in this article. with my method i am 500% guarnteed you will know how to increase youtube sound.

i will not only  increase that video sound i will boost that volume 4 times louder.yeah, you read correct 4 times louder so without doing delay just follow my instruction and you wil able to boost youtube videos volume by 4 times.

Sound Booster Increase youtube videos volume:

Here are instruction for you:

1.First thing you need to have browser called google chrome in your laptop/pc.Keep in mind other browser will not work.To boost your youtube volume you need a google chrome.
you can download it from HERE .

2.Now install Google chrome in you pc and open google chrome.

3.Now search this keyword ‘google chrome webstore’.open first result in google or CLICK HERE To go to webstore. it will look like image below.

Sound Booster Increase youtube videos volume

4. Now search for a “VOLUME BOOSTER” in a search box of google chrome webstore.

5.First one in search result or CLICK HERE to download extension directly and just add that extension in google chrome.

5. Now you are ready to boost your youtube video sound just open youtube video at top right you will see a extension volume booster click on that and your sound will increase by 4 times.

there is no doubt your  laptop volume will increase by 4 times .so if you have any problem with this steps just comment down below i will help you.


My name is Sujal Nagarkoti.i like blogging and share ideas with different people .i like exploring new ideas especially related with phone issues.

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