WAYS TO CHARGE PHONE FASTER (charge android/iphone faster)

WAYS to charge phone faster :

Sometimes you are ready to go out but your phone has a low battery. You need to charge your phone battery as fast as possible.but how? can it be possible? Yes, there are some tips that can charge your phone faster Here are ways to charge phone faster.

In this article, i will provide you wonderful tips that will help you in charging your phone faster within some minutes. CLICK HERE if you have a problem of overheating in your phone I had written a quality article.Without going out of a way lets prompt towards today’s topic ways to charge phone faster?

TOP 4 Ways to charge phone faster:

Below are some of the tips that will help you to charge phone faster in a real time.

1.use a branded USB /charger

How to charge phone faster

This may embarrass you that how can a branded USB /charger help to charge phone faster.There is a big difference in time while charging the phone with different company charger.For example charging Samsung phone with Samsung charger that came along with a phone box , charging oppo with oppo charger helps to charge phone faster.if you cannot find your phone company charger I recommended you charger like Anker,aukey quick charger 2, Belkin boost up.Using a charger of the same company as your phone helps to release a current flow constant according to need of your phone.

2.Turn on aeroplane mode

How to charge phone faster

Reading this point you may be surprised how turning on of aeroplane mode helps to charge phone faster. but it works .yeah you read right turning on airplane mode helps to charge phone faster.i can clear you to doubt how it makes charge phone faster? if you turn on airplane mode it will turn off all the radio frequencies that are decreasing your phone charge. it turns off your cellular data and frequencies coming from your network provider.As a result, if you turn on your phone airplane mode it helps to charge phone faster.

3.Turn off your phone while charging

How to charge phone faster

Turning off your phone while charging is another way to charge phone faster. many factors like radio signals from networks providers and wifi ,background apps,start up apps continuously consume charge of your phone.while charging  half of a current will go in fulfilling this consumption so to overcome this problem I recommend you to turn off your phone while charging it will totally help you with a charging speed and you will feel a difference.

4.Remove phone cover while charging

How to charge phone faster

The best way to charge phone faster is to remove phone cover.if you use external phone cover to protect your phone then I suggest you to remove external phone cover while charging because that cover blocks the heat produced while charging.as we know heat should be pass out so that phone will get cool.More the phone become cool fast the charge will gain by phone.


with those tips, i hope it will help you to charge your phone faster.if you have other important points that will help the phone to charge faster then feel free to comment down below.CLICK HERE to know how to make the Android camera as HD DSLR.


My name is Sujal Nagarkoti.i like blogging and share ideas with different people .i like exploring new ideas especially related with phone issues.

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