when is google’s birthday ?

when is Google’s birthday :

Google one of the most popular search engine which ranks in number one followed by youtube. It is a multi-national technology company located in America.Google is not only a search engine but its a total package of online requirements like online advertising, search, cloud computing software and hardware.so you are here because you want to know when is Google’s birthday. right!

Before going to birthday let’s take some few information about google.Google is a subsidiary company related with the internet, computer software and hardware.Google was founded by two people Larry Page and Sergey Brin.Its headquarter is in Googleplex, mountain view California.google provide its service all over the world.

google is also a founder of android os which is now most popular os for mobile in the whole world.


google was begun in January 1996 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin.It began as a research project but later it became top search engine in the world.The first Google was named as a “Backrub”. After 3 years in 1999  company moved to Palo Alto California.After 1999 google never turns back it increases reputation rapidly.It found some amazing things like android, Adsense, cloud computing and many other facilities for the internet.


Google officially celebrate his birthday on September 27.

Google recognized its birthday on September 27th, 1998.

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google.com was first registered on Sep 15, 1997, but Google celebrates its birthday on September 27.as First time google celebrate birthday highlighting with a google doodle back in 2002.There are some years when google celebrate a birthday on different days but since 2005 Google officially announces a birthday date of google on September 27 which is marked as permanent since now.

At last, Google provides our features with user-friendly products.I wish google will never loose his position and it will keep providing us products that give us a satisfaction.

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