windows 10 look like windows 7 – How to make windows 10 like windows 7

windows 10 look like windows 7 :

Windows- one of the top leading operating system in the world.As we know 90% of the computer in this worlds uses windows as an operating system which makes Microsoft one of the top company in the world. Recently windows released windows 10 to give a better experience to a windows user. As we know windows always introduce and add some new features in their newest is tipped to make windows 10 look like windows 7.

We can clearly see how windows upgraded from character based to graphic based windows 7 was best than windows XP 2000,windows 8 is good than windows 7 and newest released Windows 10 gives more feature like ability to run universal voice, including improved boot and wake-from-sleep times, the ability to run Universal apps, the Cortana voice assistant, and Xbox game streaming. It even has a Start Menu, a key feature that is infamously missing from Windows 8.however some of us feel old is we prefer to use windows 7 and feel like windows 7 because it is smooth to use and easy too but you do not want to lose windows 10 amazing feature.

Here are a way windows 10 make windows 10 look like windows 7 – How To Make Windows 10 Look Like Windows 7.If I say you true that we cannot change Microsoft completely from windows 10 to 7 but we can make a look and change the view of windows 10 to look like windows 7 by changing different elements like wallpaper, task bar, and start menu.


I. Install a New Start Menu

IF you are thinking that windows 10 also have a start menu why should we install two is true that windows 10 also have a start menu but it is wide difference than windows 7. instead of providing a list of icons and folders, the new Start Menu has a set of flashy, but space-wasting, live tiles on its right side and a list of frequently used apps on the left side. You can add live tiles, but you cannot pin a simple icon to the left side like you could in Windows seems to be modern is but some of us like the classy style so here are the steps.

1.DOWNLOAD CLASSIC SHELL AND INSTALL IT- Download the latest release of classic shell became old version may not work smoothly in windows 10.CLICK HERE to download newest release of the classic shell.

2.Deselect Classic Explorer and Classic IE during the install process-you can install without deselecting those things but they are not used so it is good to deselect classic explorer and classic ie during uninstall.

3.Open Classic Start settings- Now open a classic shell and open menu settings .if you do not know how to do so do not worry I will tell you.after installing you will see a shell icon in a lower right corner or in left bottom corner.if you still cannot find just search from search bar typing Classic Start Menu Settings.

4.Check Show All Settings – Here you need to check or tick in the show all setting.

Now you will see a diiferent we are making start menu look like windows 7 so simply first so to a start menu style now you will see different styles of windows start which one you like in our scenario we are making windows 10 as windows 7 so I we will choose windows 7 style.

5.DOWNLOAD WINDOWS ICON IMAGE- To look completely like windows 7 download windows image.CLICK HERE to download after download goes to start menu tab in classic shell there you will see an option called custom button and chose that button and browse image and upload that windows image downloaded from that above link.

6.GO TO SKIN TAB- last, of a tab you will see tab called skin open that tab and select the windows aero from the pull-down menu.


II. Hide the Cortana / Search Box

Now it’s time to hide search box of windows 10 to do so the following steps is done let’s move towards our topic.

1. Right click on the search box- Right click on a search box you will see an  will see an option called that option and tick on hiding Cortana.


III. Get Rid of the Lock Screen

another feature that many windows user are not liking in windows 10 is lock screen and it’s important to disable this in order to make windows 10 look like windows 7 so I am going to disable this lock screen follow the tips because you will feel little difficulty following this steps.

1.To open run press windows icon+R

2.In run type regedit and hit enter.

3.Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows in the registry tree.

4.Right click in the right pane and select New > Key. A new key (looks like a folder) appears in the left pane.

5.Rename the key to Personalization and select it.

6.Right click and select New > DWORD (32-bit) Value in the right pane.

7.Rename the new value to “NoLockScreen.”

8. Double click on it, set the value to 1 and click Ok

now its all done we remove lock screen now its time to change wallpaper.

just download wallpaper of windows 7 from google and just apply that wallpaper and that’s all you windows 10 will look like windows with this steps you even do not loose any important function of windows 10 and you also get a windows 7 interface .

so guys enjoy your windows 7 interface in windows 10 without losing important feature of windows 10.guys if you have any question and doubt about this article than you can simply drop down comment in comment section i will try top reply your comment with possible answer within twenty four following steps are easy and most efficient make your windows 10 look like windows 7 using above steps.

thank you



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